5 Magical Tricks to Make Your Pit Bull Less Aggressive

5 Magical Tricks to Make Your Pit Bull Less Aggressive

Why Do People Hate Pit Bulls So Much?

Here are some opinions expressed by supporters of pit bulls and those of their critics.

Locking Jaws Are Not Found in Pit Bulls

Pit bulls do not have jaw locks. This one is simple to dispute since, contrary to what many anti-pit bull websites falsely claim, they do not have locking jaws, as any individual with veterinary medical training would tell you. Their jaws are identical to those of every other breed of dog. However, many of the dogs do cling on tightly during a battle, and pit bull supporters occasionally fail to recognise this.

The owner, not the breed, is to blame.

Owner, not breed, is the problem. All of the serious attack incidents I've read about include these breeds of strong, athletic dogs, yet they could all have been prevented with better handling. Does this suggest that all people should be prohibited from owning certain breeds because some owners don't know how to care for them? I don't believe so. Owner error, not breed error, is to blame.

Actually punish the Behavior, not the Breed.

Punish the act, not the species. All advocates for pit bulls frequently use this line, yet it is true. The anti-pit bull movement aims to outlaw all pit bull ownership because they believe doing so will stop the act by eradicating the breed. However, people bought Rottweilers, Dobermans, and even German Shepherd dogs before these breeds became popular status symbols among gangstas and others. They were all charged with being vicious. The issue is not with the pit bull; rather, it is with the humans who don't even deserve to take care of a large dog.

Although there are many myths about these kinds of dogs, owners must battle them. These dogs are not aggressive breeds. Every dog owner needs to make sure that their dog is consistently acting appropriately in order to erase some of these unfavorable perceptions.

Five Easy Steps to Raising a Good Dog

How can you train your pit bull to be as calm as possible so that he won't ever be accused of committing a violent act if he has to deal with all of this prejudice from the beginning?

1. Instruction in Obedience

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Obedience As soon as you bring your dog home, start training her. Even though it should be obvious, the majority of problematic dogs are untrained. Learn how to train your dog now, and start as soon as you bring them home, so that they will obediently follow your voice instructions and hand gestures. When my dog and I come upon another person on the beach, I always put her in a "down-stay."

2. Make them social

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Early socialization is important for your dog. Since young puppies are more prone to infectious diseases before receiving their final vaccinations, there is considerable debate over how early this should be done. In my opinion, socializing needs to take place at the critical period (up to 16 weeks of age) before a dog is through receiving her vaccinations. A well-socialized pit bull will love interacting with others.

3. Act as the Head

Regardless of your opinions on dominance theory and alpha dogs, you should always do the following exercises at home: Feeding your dog after forcing him to sit, preventing him from using the sofa, making him sleep in his own bed rather than yours, and teaching him to wait for your approval before entering a door are all good dog training practices. Even if your pit bull does not require this kind of training, it will become a routine aspect of her life and help her become a more well-behaved companion animal.

4. Work them out

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Make sure your dog gets a lot of exercises. Although it is a cliche, a fatigued dog actually behaves better. The majority of pit bull attack tales I've seen include owners who either leave their dogs indoors all the time, lock them up all day or are unfamiliar with how to communicate with a big, active dog. If you want a pit bull simply to chain him up in the yard and show off to the neighbours, you shouldn't have a dog at all.

5. Maintain Their Health

Always ensure that your dog is well-fed and healthy. Yes, they can have an impact on his conduct. A starved dog is more prone to bite; a dog with a painful disease will have a short fuse and be more likely to snap when a family member or stranger bothers them. Keep your pit bull healthy, and take him to the vet if something is wrong so they can examine him.

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