How tight a dog collar must be?

How tight a dog collar must be?

A dog collar is a vital accessory that improves the dog's and others' safety. They're beneficial for carrying your dog tag and providing a reasonably safe way to restrict your dog while out and about.

Many dog owners don't really take their dogs to the pet store to purchase a dog collar; rather, they prefer to buy online. They frequently fail to measure the size accurately.

As a result, the dog collar is either too loose or too tight around the dog's neck. Both of these scenarios can be aggravating and dangerous to your pet. It is recommended that you correctly measure for a dog collar before going on a shopping spree.

The correct size of the dog's neck must be determined in order to allow room for adjustment. If you own a dog, you should know how tight a dog collar should be if you don't want your dog to strangle or run freely.

How to Measure Your Dog's Neck

To determine what size collar your dog requires, or if you require a custom size dog collar, you must first determine the size of your dog's neck. You can quantify your dog's neck with an adaptable tape ruler (similar to those used by tailors) or by wrapping a piece of string nice and snug (but not too tightly) around his neck, marking where the ends meet and then going to lay the string on the table and trying to measure to the mark with a standard flat ruler or a tape measure. 

If your dog already has a collar that fits people well, you can determine the length of it and adjust it to the size that fits them perfectly. If you're going to use an existing system dog collar size, we recommend going with a size that will fit your dog when it's adjusted to a smaller size but also allows for growth if your dog is growing.

When they are fully grown, we recommend having just a few extra centimeters on the size available to ensure a proper fit and not too tight.

If we make a bespoke dog collar for you, we can recommend a size based on a number on either side of the measurement techniques you send us to ensure that your dog is properly fit.

How to Fit a Dog Collar 

We suggest that when you place a collar on your dog, you leave enough space to be able to cozily insert two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck; the Humane Society also recommends this. In this way, the collar is not too tight for your dog to be ill at ease or dangerous, but it is also not too loose for your dog to get his or her hand stuck under the collar, which could result in an injury or your dog attempting to remove the collar.

We suggest double-checking the fit just a few minutes after you first equip the collar for your puppy or dog to ensure your pet is comfortable and the fit is accurate.

If you are purchasing a collar for a dog that isn't yet fully grown, it is critical to check the fit of the collar on a regular basis to ensure that you can still slip two right fingers between your dog and the collar as your dog grows. If the collar is becoming too tight, simply adjust it with the collar's slider; if there is not so much space to alter the collar, it is time to size up!

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