How to Get Treatment of Ticks and Fleas on Dogs

How to Get Treatment of Ticks and Fleas on Dogs

If the Dog is scratching and itching the body more than usual. Then your cute Dog might have a flea problem associated with them. 

Flea infestation is a terrible problem and a significant headache for pet lovers. In order to keep your cute Dog healthy and free from infections, it is important to understand the causes of the infection. 

How do dogs get a flea problem? 

These dog fleas can easily access hosts (i.e., dogs by climbing to the tips of tall grasses or shrubs along well-traveled routes.

They then lie in wait, using their third and fourth pairs of legs to grip the grass or leaf tips as they prepare to jump onto their host when they pass through the shrubs. 

Another possible way that gets infested with fleas is improper maintenance of the dog kennel and lack of sanitation measures for dogs. 

Does dog flea affect my cutie? 

Flea feeds on the Dog’s blood. Fleas can cause anemia ( a condition where the red blood cells are lower in count. 

Are there any symptoms to identify the dog flea?

These symptoms might indicate the presence of a dog tick…

  1. Fever
  2. Whitish pale gums 
  3. Lethargic and lazy movement of the Dog 
  4. Brown, yellow colored urine

Does this dog flea dangerous to humans?

Dog fleas usually prefer Dogs as a host. But in the absence of hosts, Dog fleas might affect humans as well. If you find yourselves beaten by a flea, Wash the area with warm water and apply the antiseptic cream to avoid infections. 

How to remove the dog flea from your dogs? 


Removing the flea from dogs is a tricky affair. It is recommended to use the flea removal tool to remove the flea from your cute Dog. 

Step 1; Make the partition between Dog’s hair and coat so that it can be easily accessible to access the flea with a hand or flea comb.  

Step 2: Use the flea remover 

 Gently push the flea remover and tick closer to the Dog’s skin and gently remove the flea. 

Step 3 : Rotate the remover in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction if you find it difficult to separate the flea from the Dog’s skin.

Tilt the flea removal tool here and there to make the flea loosen the contact with the skin. 

Step 4: Kill the tick after picking it up. 

To get completely rid of a tick, drop the tick in antiseptic liquid/ alcohol. And it’s not advisable to release the live tick into the live environment. Otherwise, it might simply crawl back and reach the Dog again. 

How to prevent a dog flea from attacking the Dog? 

  1. Lemon bath ( A squeeze of lemon mixture with a bucket of water ) will help to reduce the flea attack of your cute Dog. 
  2. Lather bath ( Bath with any pet-friendly shampoo ) will aid you in flea prevention. 
  3. Neem oil is a natural pest repellent. Applying the neem oil on a regular basis will help to avoid fleas at bay for your cute dogs. 
  4. To control fleas from inside, Monthly once feed your Dog with vinegar mixed with four cups of drinking water to improve their strength and immunity. 

Bottom line : 

Even though flea attack is more common in spring and summer, it can even take place in the winter also. Make sure that flea protection techniques throughout the year keep your cute Dog happy and active.  

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